Step-by-step guidance on your route to join us

Find out what it takes to join MDP as a new recruit

The New Recruit application process can take from 6-12 months, from your initial enquiry to the time of your appointment.

Stage 1: Registration and pre-screening

Prior to a campaign going live you will be able to register your interest in applying, details on how to do this can be found on our New Recruit Apply Now page.

Those who register will be asked to complete a pre-screen form, which will be used to check your eligibility. If found eligible you will be sent an application form, if you are not you will be advised accordingly.

Stage 2: Application form

If you pass the pre-screen stage, you will be sent an application form to complete and return to our recruitment team with the required documentation.

Here’s a reminder on what you need to include, to make sure that your application is complete.

To note: Our application form requires you to provide personal details about a range of subject areas. This includes information for vetting purposes, on your financial position and any previous involvement with the police. Find out more about entry requirements.

You will be notified of the sift result by email.

If successful, you will be invited to attend a mandatory briefing and Q&A session, delivered on Microsoft Teams.

Stage 3: Interview stage

Upon receiving confirmation that you have been successful at the application stage, you’ll be invited to take part in the interview stage . The interview will include two elements; competency questions based on the MDP Competency Framework and suitability-based questions.

Suitability questions will assess: your understanding of the Force and the role, your motivation for applying and your understanding and expectations of the impact that the role may have on your personal life.

Interviews are conducted via Microsoft Teams and last for approximately 1 hour.

If you hold a valid College of Policing online assessment pass, undertaken in the 12 months prior to you applying, and can supply evidence of this, your interview will only consist of the suitability element.

Candidate guidance documents

Suitability interview guidance for candidates

Annex A

Annex B

Stage 4: Medical, fitness test, National Security Vetting and Police Vetting

If you are successful at the interview stage, you’ll be invited to attend a medical and fitness test. Your National Security Vetting application for SC clearance will also need to be initiated and police vetting checks conducted; the Recruitment Team will guide you through these processes. If the post you will be offered requires DV clearance, this will be initiated once your station allocation is confirmed and SC has been granted.

Once you have successfully completed all the processes, you will be ready for appointment (subject to vacancy availability).

More information: Vetting, Medical standards and Fitness.

Stage 5: Hire

Candidates who successfully pass the recruitment process are held, pending an intake, and offered available positions.

Stage 6: Appointment and apprenticeship training

Congratulations, you’ve now successfully completed the application process and your MDP journey will begin at the training school. Upon commencement of training, you will be an MDP employee and you are therefore paid your starting salary from day one of the training programme.

All successful applicants in England and Wales will be enrolled on the Level 4 Non-Home Office Police Officer Apprenticeship delivered by the MDP: Non home office police officer / Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education. This is a two-year apprenticeship with 20 weeks initial and firearms training after which training continues on station. Once complete the apprenticeship will be signed off by an outside agency at the End Point Assessment
which will consist of knowledge checks, a professional discussion, and a practical assessment.

Successful applicants in Scotland will be enrolled on Level 7 Scottish Diploma delivered by the MDP, this is also a two-year course, where apprentices will undertake 20 weeks of Probationer Training Programme (PTP) and firearms training. On conclusion of training, apprentices will be required to complete exams and an operational module assessed debrief.

Apprentices are not required to contribute towards the cost of their training. They will remain in probation for the two-year duration of the programme and at the end will be qualified police officers.

Find out more about training