The SEG, TFU, OSU, and CSG…

Our specialist operational groups and units are deployed in support of local resources and to meet specific national operational requirements.

With the exception of selected campaigns for officers to join us from other police forces, we  recruit for Authorised Firearms Officer roles only. There will, however, sometimes be options available for new recruits to undertake an assessment and complete further training to join the Special Escort Group, following completion of initial training.

You’ll also be able to apply for vacancies on our operational groups and units, once you have completed your training and two-year probation period.

Find out more about the work of our Special Escort Group, Tactical Firearms Unit, Operational Support Unit and Central Support Group…

Special Escort Group (SEG)

Our Special Escort Group delivers armed protection for the safe and secure transportation of Defence Nuclear Material throughout the UK.

Handling the close escort and traffic management of convoy movements, the team liaise with local police forces and work alongside a range of partners in a multi-agency environment.

When officers on the SEG are not operationally deployed, they can be deployed to other Authorised Firearms Officer roles at stations. Continuous specialist training also takes place, to make sure that our SEG officers are always prepared to respond to any unforeseen incidents that may cross their path.

As a New Recruit you may be able to register your interest in a career with the SEG when you complete your initial application to join us. If you are successful through the recruitment process and you wish to join the SEG, subject to availability of vacancies and following completion of initial training, it could take up to nine months for you to qualify.

Kerrie, SEG Chief Inspector, talks about the skills you’ll need to join the SEG

Tactical Firearms Unit (TFU)

Our Tactical Firearms Unit (TFU) provides a dedicated specialist police firearms capability, that forms an integral part of the protection for the UK Strategic Nuclear Deterrent.

TFU officers work and train in a demanding environment and they are amongst the highest trained Authorised Firearms Officers in UK policing. TFU skills include Dynamic Entry and Rapid Intervention, where speed and quick movement to think, respond and act are critical.

Officers pass a rigorous selection process to achieve their tactical Dynamic Search qualification.

Operational Support Unit (OSU)

Our Operational Support Unit (OSU) is a mobile flexible armed reserve, based in the North and South of the UK. OSU officers support the movement of nuclear material and they can also be deployed at short notice anywhere in the UK, in response to specific events, incidents and threats. OSU capabilities include Dynamic Entry, search teams, working at heights, Public Order, radiological protection and protester removal.

OSU officers are trained to national standards to work in rope access and confined space techniques and can be called upon to carry out counter terrorism searches. They also respond to spontaneous incidents and demonstrations in or outside Defence locations and sites of national importance, when protesters blockade entry or exit points or scale high level buildings or structures. The OSU has capability to use an extensive range of cutting equipment for protester removal.

MDP search officer, using rope access, in a hole in the ground

Central Support Group (CSG)

Our Central Support Group (CSG), based at Aldershot, Bicester and Menwith Hill, provides specialist capability, deploying regionally, often at short notice. The group reinforce and support Force operations and protective security arrangements at the sites we protect, when extra resources are needed.

CSG officers are trained to carry out a range of specialist police duties and tactics, including armed escorts, Public Order, searches with dog teams and Project Servator.