A career with the MDP may offer just what you’re looking for

As a serving or retired member of the Armed Forces or a Civil Servant, for example working as a Prison Officer or for Border Force, you’ll have a wealth of relevant skills, abilities and experiences that we welcome.

A career in the MDP could be the perfect career transition for you, offering the opportunity for you to continue working in a role that supports UK national security and public safety, be that in a policing or civilian role.

You will continue to develop your skills as well as learn new ones. If you currently work for the MOD, you’ll continue to work within an environment that will be very familiar. You’ll liaise with a range of policing and security partners and professional bodies and teams, in and outside the wire.

If you’ve left or you’re preparing to leave the military and wondering which career path to take next, or perhaps you’re in a law enforcement or public safety role in the Civil Service and you’re looking for a career change, why not take a look and see where a career in the MDP could take you…

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Alex, Tactical Firearms Unit PC

Military service men in action

“After leaving school when I was 16, I applied to join the armed forces. I served a mixture of regular and reserve service and was deployed on overseas operations. When I left the military, I found myself struggling to fit into “civvy street”, as we call it, and I needed something more.  I wanted to get back to that feeling of belonging again and being part of a work family. I was contemplating signing back up when I saw an advert to become an AFO with the MDP.

“After doing some research I knew it could be the job for me and at the age of 28 I joined the MDP and completed my training to become an Authorised Firearms Officer. After initial training, I passed a selection course to become part of the Tactical Firearms Unit and since then I have never looked back.

“Being in the MDP, and especially on the TFU, has restored everything I missed about the military: only this time with the added bonus of a different type of work life balance. From training in high level tactics, weapons training, the camaraderie and generally fitting in with a group of like-minded officers, it has been the perfect substitute for me. I have also met others who share a similar story on their own experiences leaving the military and joining the MDP.”

Aeron, Project Servator PC

Before joining the MDP in 2016, Aeron was a chef in the Royal Navy.

“I enjoy my job and I have a real sense of belonging in the MDP.”

I previously worked in another Civil Service role in the MOD, where I liaised with MDP colleagues. I decided that a career in policing was the right choice for me and I would encourage anyone interested to find out more and join MDP.



I am currently a member of the Armed Forces, Prison Service or another part of government. Can I transfer in to the MDP?

No, you will need to join the MDP as a new recruit. The only other route for entry in to the MDP is as a new entrant from another UK Civilian Police Force (e.g. Home Office Force, Ports Police, Civil Nuclear Constabulary, Police Scotland, British Transport Police or Police Service of Northern Ireland).

I am currently serving in the armed forces. How does this affect my application in terms of the notice period I must give?

Members of the armed forces can still apply when in service. You would not be expected to resign or give notice until we were ready to offer you employment. Most applicants from the armed forces get their notice period waived when joining us, so you are advised to speak to your personnel department to see if this could apply to you also. We take any notice period into account when planning start dates.