Below are some training tips, guidance and practice aids to help you prepare for your Job-Related Fitness Test (JRFT)

Training Tips

  • Train with friends as this will make your exercise programme a more enjoyable and safer activity.
  • Monitor your progress by recording time taken, distance covered and recovery time – this will give you feedback on improvements and an incentive to continue training.
  • Do not over-do it – start gently and build up gradually over a period of weeks or months.
  • Spread out your training sessions, rather than do all your activities in one day and do nothing else the rest of the week.
  • Complete a warm-up before you begin any exercise. This will prepare your body, by gradually increasing your heart rate and circulation, loosening your joints and increasing the blood flow to your muscles. Stretching your muscles also prevents injuries.


  • Raise your heart rate, respiratory rate, and core temperature by starting your warm-up slowly, with small movements, and gradually build up to larger movements involving multiple body parts.
  • Activate and mobilise all the major muscles and joints, paying special attention to those being used in the activity.

  • Potentiate, by performing a warm-up activity that is specific to the test you are going to complete.

The Raise, Activate, Mobilise and Potentiate approach is known as a RAMP warm-up.

Take a look at our #MDPfit YouTube playlist for a video demonstration of a RAMP warm-up and stretching exercises. Here you will also find other advice and guidance videos to support your fitness, health and wellbeing.

Practicing the JRFT

To prepare for the PES-JRFT, MSFT or the CTT, it is also recommended that your training is specific to the demands of the tests. This includes practicing the tests themselves and including interval training, with bursts of harder work that enables your body to adapt in a manageable way.


PES-JRFT practice

You can watch a practical demonstration of the Physical Employment Standards Job-Related Fitness Test (PES-JRFT) here and on our #MDPfit YouTube playlist, and have a go yourself with this audio recording of the test.

MSFT practice

The Multi-Stage Fitness Test (MSFT) can be practiced using an outdoor space or sports hall environment, by marking out a 15 metre track and using this bleep test soundtrack.


There are also a number of dedicated Police Fitness apps available for both android and apple mobile devices.

Note: When you reach level 7, count the number of shuttles you run. You will need to do at least 6, to reach Level 7:6.


CTT practice

The CTT can be practiced using a treadmill. Once you have completed a suitable warmup, set the treadmill speed to 6kph and 0% gradient to begin. You should then increase the gradient, at 2 minute intervals, as shown below.

Time in minutesGradient