Tactical Firearms Unit officer on range holding firearm

Alex, Tactical Firearms Unit PC

“After leaving school when I was 16, I applied to join the armed forces. I served a mixture of regular and reserve service and was deployed on overseas operations. When I left the military, I found myself struggling to fit into “civvy street”, as we call it, and I needed something more.  I wanted to get back to that feeling of belonging again and being part of a work family. I was contemplating signing back up when I saw an advert to become an AFO with the MDP.

“After doing some research I knew it could be the job for me and at the age of 28 I joined the MDP and completed my training to become an Authorised Firearms Officer. After initial training, I passed a selection course to become part of the Tactical Firearms Unit and since then I have never looked back.

“Being in the MDP, and especially on the TFU, has restored everything I missed about the military: only this time with the added bonus of a different type of work life balance. From training in high level tactics, weapons training, the camaraderie and generally fitting in with a group of like-minded officers, it has been the perfect substitute for me. I have also met others who share a similar story on their own experiences leaving the military and joining the MDP.”