Ministry of Defence Police Recruitment

Specialist Units

Marine Units

The MDP has a large marine fleet whose main task is to ensure the protection of HM Naval Bases by providing armed security and patrolling the waterfront.

The units also escort Royal Navy submarines and surface vessels, and those of visiting navies, to and from the sea. Officers in the marine units are required to train to Royal Yacht Association standards; this can range from Competent Crew to Coastal Skipper.

Dog Section

The MDP currently has the second largest dog holding of any Police Force in the UK. Police Officers selected as dog handlers work within a specialist role that requires their team to be trained to operate in a diverse range of deployments. All dog teams are trained and licensed in accordance with ACPO and Police Scotland standards commensurate with the role performed. This ranges from the General Purpose Police Dog to the Tactical Firearms Support Dog in support of firearms operations. It also encompasses specialist search dogs that can indicate the presence of elements such as explosives and drugs. All dog teams in the MDP undergo regular refresher training and are assessed to ensure they remain operationally compliant.

Criminal Investigation Department

This team works to prevent and detect serious fraud and other losses impacting on our armed forces.

Operational Support Unit (OSU)

The OSU is the MDP's mobile, flexible reserve.  OSU officers are able to be deployed at short notice anywhere in the UK in order to provide specialist policing skills.  These include protestor removal by use of cutting equipment and, where required, at height.

Officers can work in confined spaces as part of counter terrorism searches and they have a Level One public order and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) capability.  The OSU is split between two locations in the North and South of the Force area.

Special Escort Group (SEG)

The Special Escort Group provides protection for the safe and secure transportation of Defence nuclear materials throughout the United Kingdom. The SEG provides staff for the close escort and traffic management of such convoy movements, working with a number of other agencies. Training on this group is intensive and it can take up to nine months to qualify.

Tactical Support Group (TSG)

The Nuclear Tactical Support Group provides a dedicated specialist Firearms capability.

TSG officers must be able to pass a rigorous selection procedure to achieve their high level tactical Dynamic Entry qualification. Trained to the very highest national standard these officers work and train in a demanding environment in order to fulfil their key role in protecting the nation’s nuclear assets.

Central Support Groups (CSGs)

Central Support Groups are deployed regionally to support Force operations when extra resources are needed.

Joining Specialist Units

New recruits will be given an opportunity during their initial training to express any references for working in armed operational specialist units such as the Tactical Support Group (TSG) and Marine Policing etc. Such preferences will be subject to suitability and assessment by MDP.

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