The MDP has a high commitment to diversity and inclusion. We recognise that our ability to provide an effective service depends on the skills and abilities of our people and the more diverse our people are, the wider the range of skills, abilities and experiences that are available to us. We therefore must recruit and retain the best people with different skills, backgrounds and experiences, who are representative of the communities we serve irrespective of age, disability status, gender, gender identity, marital status, race or ethnic origin, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.

We seek to make reasonable adjustments to enable disabled people to participate in the recruitment process. However given the strict medical and fitness standards required for entry into an Authorised Firearms Officer (AFO) role within the Police Service, it may mean that people with some disabilities are unlikely to qualify for appointment.

People and Culture

We have worked hard to develop an inclusive approach that values the diversity of all our people and which seeks to understand and address the issues facing particular groups. We aim to enable every officer to realise their potential and contribute fully to developing the performance of the MDP as a whole. For that reason, the MDP is committed to ensuring all our staff enjoy a working environment free of prejudice, discrimination and harassment with no barriers to progression or achievement because of difference; we understand that people perform better when they can be themselves.

The MDP therefore does not tolerate any practice which causes any employee, job applicant or user of our services to receive unfavourable treatment on the grounds of any protected characteristic which includes age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief, sex or sexual orientation.

Governance and Delivery

We aim to enable every officer to realise their potential and contribute fully to developing the performance of the MDP as a whole. We are assisted in this by our unique Diversity and Inclusion Support Structure within which is the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group consisting of officers and staff of all ranks/grades, who represent each protected characteristic. The work of this group is supported by the Diversity and Inclusion Board, which is chaired by our Chief Constable as the Force Diversity and Inclusion Champion. He is supported by his Chief Officer team, within which we have a Race and Religion & Belief Champion; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) and Age Champion; Disability Champion; Gender Champion; and a Marriage & Civil Partnership and Pregnancy & Maternity Champion. Our Champions are supported by Ambassadors (Superintendent ranks) and Allies (all other ranks/grades).

Performance and Networks

To ensure that we are getting it right on diversity and inclusion, the Force has Diversity Champion memberships of Stonewall and Business in the Community (BITC). Each year the Force takes part in the benchmarking submissions with Stonewall and BITC in order to see how, as an employer, we are doing on issues regarding Sexual Orientation (Stonewall), Gender (Gender Equality Campaign) and Race (Race Equality Campaign) in the workplace. The Force also belongs to many regional and national network groups, with whom staff can be members of and share good practice. This includes the British Association for Women in Policing (BAWP), the National Police LGBT Network, the MOD LGBT Network and the MOD Disability Network.


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