Ministry of Defence Police Recruitment

Pay & Benefits

The MDP offers very competitive terms and conditions, similar to those of other Home Department Police Forces. 

MDP currently offers for newly recruited PC's, a min starting pay of £21,110.

Thereafter, increases in pay are reviewed annually and linked to performance.  In six years time you could be earning circa £35,000. 

If you serve at AWE Aldermaston you will also entitled to the MDP South-East Allowance of £2000 per annum.

The MDP also offers a generous support package that includes 22 days leave at entry rising to 30 days after 20 years service.

The rewards of service with the MDP from April 1st 2015 include access to the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme (ALPHA). Alpha is a defined benefit scheme (Career Average) in which your pension builds up as a percentage of you actual pensionable earnings; giving you a pension that compares well with much of the private sector

Terms and conditions are periodically reviewed (one such major review is currently underway). The outcome on any changes will be notified separately. MDP pay scales are reviewed annually, in line with awards for other Police Forces.

Please do apply if you are looking for rewarding careers, interesting and responsible work by providing specialist armed guarding and policing services in the support of critical defence and other infrastructure, across the UK.