Pay & Benefits

Upon joining the MDP you will join the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme (PCSPS). Your appointment to the MDP is pensionable from the outset and you will be able to choose between two Civil Service pension schemes, giving you the flexibility to select the one that suits you best:

Membership of NUVOS, a final salary occupational pension scheme
Membership of a Partnership Pension Account, a stakeholder pension with an employer contribution based on your age
You do not have to join the Civil Service pension arrangements and may choose instead to opt out and be covered by a personal pension or the State Second Pension Scheme.

Rank Structure

Chief Constable
Deputy Chief Constable
Assistant Chief Constable
Chief Superintendent
Chief Inspector

Pay scales

MDP pay scales are reviewed annually. The current pay scale for Constables is:
£21,282* - £33,415

* All new recruits start at this salary point on commencement of training. This rises to £23,755 on completion of 33 weeks training and on completion of two years' service (the statutory probationary period), and subject to satisfactory appraisal, all officers move to the new pay point of £25,136.

On top of your basic salary, MDP Officers recruited after 31 August 1994 are eligible for an additional payment depending upon their work location. In areas bordering the Metropolitan Police District, i.e. Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey and Thames Valley, an Annual MDP South East Allowance (Higher Rate) of £2,000 will be payable.

In the remaining three areas in the South East, i.e. Bedfordshire, Hampshire and Sussex, an Annual MDP South East Allowance (Lower Rate) of £1,000 will be payable.

The allowances are payable to Officers whilst they are permanently employed within these areas. Officers working in London will receive the current London Allowance of £5,547. This is a combination of the London Weighting Allowance (£2,220) and the MDP London Allowance (£3,327).