MOD Police Officers don’t patrol the streets, they protect sites of national importance, plus everything on them and everyone in them. It’s vital, sensitive work that takes our Officers across England, Scotland and Wales in a whole range of roles, from our Marine Unit to the Dog Section, CID to Special Escort Group, and from Tactical to Central or Operational Support. MDP Officers even lend their specialist skills to other police forces.

What that means is a real wealth of options for your future in the long term, whatever your background. Whether you join us as a new recruit or transferee from another police force, you’ll have every chance to specialise. All you need are drive and the right skills. Here’s where you can find out all about it.

We deliver unique 'Specialist Policing':

  • We protect and reassure to achieve our Ministry of Defence requirement.
  • Protecting: By using our unique specialist policing skills and powers to protect people and assets essential to Defence and national infrastructure.
  • Reassure: By providing visible and active policing which reassures our customers and local communities.
  • Achieving: By using our people and resources wisely to meet customer requirements in the most efficient way.